Sunday, July 25, 2010


Kho- kho is the game of chasing and running between two teams. It can be played in many ways with variation. In this game there are two teams having 9 players each play as runners and chasers. Two circles within the other, are drawn. Eight chasers sit on the inner circle facing inside and outside alternatively keeping a distance of more than one meter between the players. One of the team stands in the gap between the two circles. While playing the active chaser has to shout ‘Kho’. The runner are free to run everywhere within both the circles. If they step outside the outer circle they wil be disqualified. They are considered as out and the chaser team scores one point.
The runner who are sent out , go to sit at the back of their team. The first round of the game is played within 5 minutes in which the chaser team will try its best to send as many runners out as possible. The team change place within 2 minutes. Now the chasers become the runners and runners take place of the chasers. Finally the scores are compared and the winner is declared.

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