Monday, July 26, 2010


Athletic is one of the prime sports active and its competition is conducted on the basis of international Amateur Athletic Federation rules. Generally athletics consists of running, jumping and throwing. This events of athletics improves the athletes strength, flexibility and make them physically fit. Mostly the athletic events are competed on an individual basis, except for the relay race.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Gymnastics has special meaning as a spot. Beside building strength and power, gymnastics also contributes to other factors of physical fitness, such as agility , coordination and balance. A general improvement in posture also can result from this type of activity. In addition to these physical factors, gymnastics also develops such mental qualities as alertness, courage and precision. Gymnastics is as individual sport.


Shot put is also know as one of the interesting game that contest was first practiced with stone, but not it has been modified into the form of metal sphere, with a great improvement in its shape. The principle equipment in this event is the ‘shot’ itself. It should be a metal sphere. At present there are shots of cast iron, bronze and brass. The weight of the shot varies between 4kg. to 7.288kg.,.
In the shop put contest the athlete pushes a shot rather than throwing from a circle with a radius of 1.70 meters. The purpose of this contest is to push the shot as far as possible. Like all other throwing events shot-put also need a number of well defined body movements across the circle.

Bat Ball

The bat ball is the game which is played between the two teams. Each comprised of about ten players; one team being fielders and the other, batters who are given a batting order. A softball and softball bat are used. A tennis ball and paddle may be used in case standard equipment are not available.
The batter standing in the box hits the pitched ball towards the field. The first bounce off the bat, must be beyond the one meter restricting line and shall be within marked play area. After batting the batter becomes a runner and has to run around a turning pint, marked 15m. away from the batter’s box and return and cross the line where the batter’s box is marked. When he does this he scores one run for his side. A second batter comes up and play is continued with the pitcher pitching to the new batter. When the 5 batters are out the team has to leave and as inning for them is over. The fielders then become batters and the batters become fielders. In this way the team who scores more run is declared the winner.


Kho- kho is the game of chasing and running between two teams. It can be played in many ways with variation. In this game there are two teams having 9 players each play as runners and chasers. Two circles within the other, are drawn. Eight chasers sit on the inner circle facing inside and outside alternatively keeping a distance of more than one meter between the players. One of the team stands in the gap between the two circles. While playing the active chaser has to shout ‘Kho’. The runner are free to run everywhere within both the circles. If they step outside the outer circle they wil be disqualified. They are considered as out and the chaser team scores one point.
The runner who are sent out , go to sit at the back of their team. The first round of the game is played within 5 minutes in which the chaser team will try its best to send as many runners out as possible. The team change place within 2 minutes. Now the chasers become the runners and runners take place of the chasers. Finally the scores are compared and the winner is declared.


Kabaddi is the game of involving seven players. One of the team is called raider, the other team is called the anti-raider. After the interval, however, the teams take each other’s place.

The begins with the first player from the raider side attacking the other side inside there court. He goes, inside his opponents court calling out Kabaddi. Kabaddi from the center line. He must call out even while returning to his court. There he will try to touch the opponents. If anyone is touched by him, the player has to leave the court and sit in the sitting block outside the court. The raider will try to touch many players as possible in the opponents court. Those touched by him will be out and they leave the court and go to sit in the sitting block. On the other hand if any raider is caught by the anti raiders, he is declared persued. By touching the anti raider the raider gets one point. Similarly by catching the raider the anti raiders score one point. The team with highest number is declared the winner.


Basket is another interesting game. This game is popular specially in USA and some other countries of the world.

It is the game played between two teams. Just like scoring goals in football, here the goals are scored by throwing a large ball into an open ended net fixed high on a hoop. The teams try to score goals by throwing the ball through each other’s net. The hoop with the net is attached to a board fixed high, usually on a pole or wall. It is called the basket. Hence, basketball.